Due to the COVID-19 health risks, all scheduled meetings will be available via teleconference by calling (844) 854-2222, then entering the access code, 443676 when prompted.

You may also view the live-feed on Facebook by visiting https://www.facebook.com/guadalupecountynm

Effective Immediately

Guadalupe County Offices are closed to the public until further notice.

Office staff are available by phone or email.


Phone: 575.472.3306

ychavez@guadco.us (Yolanda Chavez)

rfernandez@guadco.us (Rose Fernandez)


Assessor's Office:

Phone: 575.47.3738

agomez@guadco.us (Angela Gomez, Assessor)

rchavez@guadco.us (Roberta Chavez, Chief Deputy Assessor)

mmartinez@guadco.us (Manuel Martinez, Mapper)

tortega@guadco.us (Tanna Ortega, Appraiser)


Clerk's Office:

Phone: 575.472.3791

pmartinez@guadco.us (Patrick Martinez, Clerk)

rserrano@guadco.us (Robert Serrano III, Chief Deputy Clerk)

fmquintana@guadco.us (Felicia Falcon, Deputy)


Treasurer's Office:

Phone: 575.472.3133

durban@guadco.us (Diana Urban, Treasurer)

sbailey@guadco.us (Susan Bailey, Chief Deputy Treasurer)

cmadrid@guadco.us (Carolyn Madrid, Deputy)

Please continue to practice social distancing to protect not only yourself, but also your family and friends. Stay Safe!

Administration Office

130 S. 4th Street

Santa Rosa, NM 88435

(575) 472-3306

Assessor's Office

1448 Historic Rt. 66, Suite 2

Santa Rosa, NM 88435

(575) 472-3738

Clerk's Office

1448 Historic Rt. 66, Suite 1

Santa Rosa, NM 88435

(575) 472-3738

Treasurer's Office

1448 Historic Rt. 66, Suite 4

Santa Rosa, NM 88435

(575) 472-3133

Guadalupe Sheriff's Dept.

565 River Rd., #1

Santa Rosa, NM 88435

(575) 472-3711

Veteran's Center

720 Lake Drive

Santa Rosa, NM 88435

(575) 472-0380

DWI Councel

130 S. 4th Street

Santa Rosa, NM 88435

(575) 472-4628

PDL Senior Center

1033 Paisano Rd.

Puerto de Luna, NM 88435

(575) 472-3306

La Loma Senior Center

1055 La Loma Rd.

La Loma, NM 87724

(575) 427-3624

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